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Quote from: monarda on September 28, 2008,  8:35:48 pm

I like the low-tech index card method, too.
Someone demo'd a 4 color index card method at the session yesterday:
Answer A is neon yellow, B is hot pink, etc..
very simple, and does almost everything that clickers do except keep track who answered what.

I do this in my classes, which usually have 30 to 100 students in them.

Each 8.5 x 11 inch sheet has A through D printed in four different colored blocks and the student can fold the sheet to show only one answer.  I print out a stack at the start of the semester and hand them out with the syllabus.

I announce the results: eg. "Looks like half and half B's and C's...Talk it over with your neighbor."  It requires no setup before class and provides a way for every student to answer the same question.  It also primes the pump so that I can ask open-ended, non-multiple choice questions and the students actually think about them and discuss them.  Some students lose or forget their answer sheets, so I keep a folder of extra sheets handy and give them out as needed.

I would probably use clickers instead of cards if I taught a really large (hundreds of students) intro or non-majors class, but I would rather not deal with setting up the receiver at the start of each class.


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