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Bringing back an old topic: what were some of the best, worst or most ironic comments you received on recent student evaluations? I teach a somewhat rigorous course in a large business school with a very diverse student population. Approximately 2/3 of our students transfer in as juniors after completing 2 years at community college, so I get them after one or two semesters on campus when they are nominally seniors. Here is a sampling of some of the feedback I've received on student evaluations recently:

Most ironic, fall 2012: "It should be more strongly stressed that you can not pass the test without reading the book and taking notes from the book." - And coming to class is just a suggestion..

Most confusing, spring 2012: Student #1, "Worst teacher ever."; Student #2, "Awesome teacher with a lot of knowledge." - To paraphrase Abe Lincoln, you can't please all the people all of the time.

Most sophomoric, fall 2011: "We cannot be expected to remember [what] we learned two years ago and apply it." - I pity your next employer.

Most rewarding, spring 2011: "Great class. I learned some really great tools and I'm already utilizing not only in my job, but also in my personal life." - You're welcome.

What are some of the more interesting comments you've received from students?

Best: "I love [subject] and [dr_mk]. This class has made me a much dorkier human being."

Worst: "[dr_mk] is a b*tch. But at least she's kind of hot."

some of the more memorable ones:

First year teaching lab in a lab that was totally disorganized (by the other professor) so no, I didn't know where anything was and no, I could never find anything if we ran out, a student broke something etc. This resulted in, "Dr L is often not prepared because she is out drinking the night before.".....I stopped drinking even the occasional glass of wine (for health reasons) 5 years before I started teaching. This comment, though potentially a dangerous one, definitely cracked me up......maybe they meant tea :)  The next year when I had the lab to myself, I did a complete overhaul of the lab so I could find things. Plus by then I had my own research lab so that was a backup place to pull things from.

The best evaluation was from a Masters student who also taught (I could tell it was from her and we discussed it afterwards). It was a many paged blow by blow summary of the course, what was good, what needed improving, how she'd improve it, etc. It was probably the only evaluation I ever got that was useful in any way.  I actually made changes based on this evaluation; the only time that has ever happened.

"Dr L makes us work hard, but no harder than she works."

"Yeh, this class is challenging, but its college, so what do you expect."

Over a 5 year period of time, comments for lab courses went from:
"I wish sometimes that Dr L would just give us the answer."
"I really like the way Dr L draws the answers out of us."
Which to me meant I had figured out a way how to, not change, but perfect, my style of teaching.

"I liked the professor, I loved the theme, and I learned a lot. But I still don't think I should've had to take this class."

Oh, the joys of teaching required gen ed classes!

And away we go...

    I teach full time technical underwater basket-weaving at a CC. My first ever class, as an adjunct, had eighteen students. The first two pages of the evals were the summary of the 'strongly agree-strongly disagree' topics. I noticed that all of the replies were either agree or strongly agree. Made me so proud. Except...every question had one 'strongly disagree', all by it's lonesome. I thought it odd.

    Then came the handwritten comments. "Mr. Spicoli was the best" "Tough class, but I learned so much" etc., etc. Imagine the smile on my face as I read such glowing reviews. Seventeen in a row. Then came "Mr. Spicoli sux. Worst teacher ever. Hated him. Bad teacher".

   Seventeen loved me, one hated me. The one who sat in the back of the class, never took notes, never asked a question, came in late, left early, got the worst grade. I'll take the one hater for the seventeen that liked me any day.

Nice place you've got here. I think I'll stick around.


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