Coursera classes "deemed worthy of college credit"

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Today: "The new industry of large-scale online education will garner an important measure of academic respectability Thursday when the American Council on Education announces that four courses of the Mountain View, Calif.-based Coursera organization are worthy of college credit if anti-cheating measures are enforced.",0,573675.story?track=rss

Remember this discussion on here last year:,92031.0.html

Association for the Accreditation of Academic Objects
-Serving the Academic Community with Integrity since 2013-

The association has accredited the following academic objects today:

Army basic training (four units of ballistics)
Coursera's How to Present an Internet Class course (15 clinical units in education)
Sig Siglar Motivational Seminar (four units of psychology)
John Bradshaw on Profiting from the Shame-Child Self (four graduate units in psychology)

I didn't see anything about this association, oldfullprof. The ACE, however, is certainly reputable... no?

This was going to happen eventually, the only question was how long it would take. By the end of the decade we probably will have multiple organizations like Coursera offering start-to-finish B.A.s online for a flat fee. Essentially diploma mills with a sheen of respectability.

Apparently, to get the credit, the student needs to take and pass a proctored exam on the topic.

Hasn't this been going on for a while?  I occasionally have students who want to "test out" of a subject by taking a final exam.


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