One of my students is a ringer!

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Quote from: geonerd on January 31, 2013,  9:57:00 pm

Did you ask for student IDs, or any ID? Next time ask to see any photo ID he has with him.

I asked for any ID. He claimed his wallet was in his car. I saw a back-pocket bulge as he was leaving the room, but obviously I wasn't going to challenge him about it.

Quote from: finallydone on January 31, 2013,  9:58:14 pm

Is there a student directory listing to see if there are two people with the same name attending the institution? 

I actually had two students with the same exact not run-of-the-mill name in two of my classes last year.  This is at a small college so I had a hard time keeping them straight, especially when they emailed me (emails are name based).

Aside from that, see what the trusted professor has to say.  And definitely check that ID.  Of course, he could simply get it from his 'friend', show it to you and dare you to claim it's not him in the picture.

I can't access a student directory, but the picture that I saw was the one attached to my roster from the registration system, so it should be associated to the specific student registered for my class.

Wow. I can't wait to hear what happens!

(They are so ballsy, aren't they?)

Quote from: marigolds on January 31, 2013, 10:17:39 pm

Wow. I can't wait to hear what happens!

(They are so ballsy, aren't they?)

I know, right?

My class is the one math class my students have to take, so kind of a perfect setup for hiring a ringer.

Make sure to do the "underage drinking" ID check routine with him when he brings in "his" license.

Where do you live?
Did you come straight to college from high school?  Yes?  So what year did you graduate high school? 
Are you an organ donor?

At my university, this is a conduct issue that would be referred to Student Life for investigation.


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