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I was surprised to read in Ms. Mentor's "Academic Frauds" (11/03/03) the following:

"And no one under 35, she has come to suspect, should give anyone advice about anything."

As I am 29 and a new faculty member, I wonder what other academics think about this view. I just found it bizzare -- perhaps a revenge mechanism for those of a certain age?

The statement was probably meant to be tongue in cheek, but I do agree that there is a general suspicion of academics under 35, in certain fields. In fields like engineering, younger people are expected. But in education (my field), being younger is not necessarily a plus (I'm 33 and I graduated with my doctorate in 1998). I'm not sure of the exact cause of this distrust, but I do know it is there.

Invisible Adjunct:
That seems just a tad unfair.

I read it as an ironic offhand comment that was not meant to be taken too literally or too seriously.

Invisible Adjunct

Dr. D.:
You're kidding, right? It's written tongue in cheek. Chill out.


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