teachers and "race"


Does anyone know of this person and what her views might be and might comment on this and its relevancy for university teaching?

"Gail Thompson's interview on Tony Brown's Journal will air nationwide on PBS & PBS YOU stations beginning March 11 through March 17. If making inquiries, PBS stations identify it as #2723 of the TBJ series. The program description is
as follows:

#2723C1 - "ARE TEACHERS AFRAID TO CHALLENGE BLACKS?"  (Airdates:  3/11 - 3/17)

Why is the national average for Blacks graduating from high school so low (only 51 percent)?
Dr. Gail Thompson, author and educator, shares her theory about the below average performance of some of today's Black students.  She says part of the reason is the cultural ignorance of teachers.

Visti http://www.pbs.org/ to find out broadcast times in your area."

thanks for letting us know about this important resource!

Dr. Gail L. Thompson:
Hi JJ:
I'm the author in question, and here's a little info. about my work.
 I have written four books.  The latest, "Exposing the Culture of Arrogance in the Academy: A Blueprint for Increasing Black Faculty Satisfaction in Higher Education," was co-authored with Angela Louque and will be published in late May 2005 by Stylus.  In this book, which is based on personal stories and quantitative and qualitative research, we talk about many issues pertaining to Black faculty in the academy--including grade inflation and the pressure to lower standards for students of color. The target audience is univ. professors, univ. adminstrators, and Black graduate students.

In "Through Ebony Eyes: What Teachers Want to Know but are Afraid to Ask About African American Students,"(the book that was featured during the Tony Brown tv interview), which is based on personal stories and quantitative data, I speak about many culturally sensitive issues including grade inflation at the k-postsecondary ed. levels, share some stories pertaining to university teaching, and I share stories related to univ. professors lowering standards for African American students.  However, the target audience for this book is K-12 educators, adminstrators, and teacher education students and professors.

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like more info. about my work.
Thanks for asking.
Gail L. Thompson
Associate Professor
The Claremont Graduate University
(909) 574-4914 home (I'm currently on sabbatical); (909) 607-9710 work


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