Ward Churchill

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Anyone have thoughts, insights, or gossip on this drama?

A classroom is a professor's place to practice.  Academic freedom means nothing if it's not practiced and used in and out of the classroom regarding scholarly work.  Churchill's work should be protected, even if not everyone agrees with it.  

I don't prefer scholarship that would argue for a regressive tax system, for instance, but I believe that it ought to be in the marketplace.  Whether I agree with it is a different story, but just because I disagree or react strongly does not mean that it ought not exist.

Actually I think Ward Churchill illustrates the complete lack of freedom of thought and expersion in American Universities.  In terms of politics, attitudes to race and sex, the university system is one of the most homogeneous, least free places on earth.

Here's a guy who had to lie about his race in order to get his job, has subsequently turned out crap, sold plagureized pianting and untill now no one had raised a pip about whether there was fit for his post.

Now this may be due to feeblness on the part of the administrators but I also expect that most people, rather than seeing his work as an expression of free speach saw it as  only slightly off the mainstream, so why critiscise.  And I think alot of unis are intimidated by some of these wacko departments for fear that any questions are going to unleash a stream of litigation.

I think that even in "homogenous" academe, those on the far left would agree that those on the far right have the right to say what they will.

The ACLU has represented many persons who do not share liberal values and ideas, and it is regularly castigated as a liberal organization.

The far left may accept their right of free speach - just as long as it doesnt take place in academia, as Larry Summers discovered.

I dont object to Churchill saying what he said - what I object to is a system that rewards fraud and deceit, which is what the whole story seems to be about to me.


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