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Help me.  I have a student who makes what I call "s*** lip" face all class and I'm having trouble ignoring her.

Every lecture, this person shakes her head in doubt about my main points and critical evaluations.  I get the sense that she hates everything about the class and me.  She's a toxic presence, and I've found it increasingly difficult to ignore her as the semester has progressed. 

I would love nothing more than to call her out for her rudeness, but know that this leads nowhere. 

I'm unsure I can make it four more weeks.

Have you tried taking her aside before/after class and, using your best concerned face, state, "I notice that you frequently look confused in class, but you don't ask questions.  Do you have any questions?"

Keep doing that in a very concerned way every class: "If you have questions, then ask!  I'll be glad to clarify.  Are you sure?  I thought I saw confusion."

Sometimes students really have no idea that they are making s***ty faces or looking hateful.  Put the best construction you can on it, and (as Polly said) confront her gently and ask her how things are going for her in the class.

Yep. Kill it with kindness.

Or don't feed the troll. If nobody pays this student's mannerisms any attention, the student may stop doing it.


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