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Students have a group project for the final project in my class. It is scaffolded- the first thing they have to do is turn in a topic description this week in class. I have given them time over the past two weeks in class to organize groups and discuss the topic description. I have also created discussion space on the CMS for groups to work together. I have a few students who have not attended the last two weeks. I don't feel right letting them show up this week and just join groups that have already done the work on the first part of the project. Should I just tell them they need to work on the project by themselves? Is there a fairer solution?

Can you not form a group with the stragglers?

Honestly, it depends on what is in your syllabus and only a problem if the first part is ungraded. If the first part is graded, then the students get a zero on this first part. If the first part is ungraded, then you have to decide if they get a % deduction or some other adjustment to the final grade.

Students have two options: 1) do the project alone or 2) see if any groups will accept them for the remainder.

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Can you not form a group with the stragglers?

That seems like the perfect solution.


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