How sick are you to cancel class?

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I teach Microbiology and so have a strong statement in my syllabus that if students are ill they should NOT be spreading their germs in class. Given how nasty the flu season is this year, I have been urging flu shots and hand washing whenever possible.
   So this brings up the question of when I cancel class when I am myself sick. I have come down with a nasty head cold over the weekend. I have progressed from totally non-functional over the weekend, to the wonderful "draining" phase where I have low energy but can get things done that are essential. I feel wimpy to be canceling class when I am getting better, but I also wonder if I look like a hypocrite for being sneezy and coughing during class. I am most likely still contagious, although not as much so as I was at the end of last week, before the symptoms started.

So fora, how sick do you get before you cancel class?

I cancelled this morning, and I feel pretty much as you described.

Whenever my doctor states not to be at work. However, even without the doctor note, when I am feeling miserable, I wrangle some GAs to cover class. The GAs run an exercise or hand out an open book, open note, open group, take home assignment for the class session.




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