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I am looking for an example of a policy about letters of opposition in a tenure application. Does anyone have such a policy at their university or college?

In our department there is a right to write a 'minority' opinion.  I have only seen it for a case when someone did not get tenure (the majority) and one of the faculty felt that person deserved it and requested that they be able to write a minority opinion.

So, some form of this exists at our school.

Anyone that votes can add a comment explaining why. The comment can be a letter if desired in support or opposition.


I think at my school, you probably could get away with demanding a "minority report" to appear in the tenure letter, but usually that sort of thing is handled by giving the Dean an overall  wishy-washy letter from the entire committee. It might be better to have a strong rec. or strong denial, and then just include a minority report.  I have to say, I have never heard of this happening.

However, as others have said, any individual (at my school) is welcome to file their own letter for or against someone's tenrue
(including outsiders). Generally, its only taken seriously if its from someone who has worked with the candidate.

But, I would have some problems with a T&P committee member submitting their own letter separate from the committee,although I do not think they can do so without the committees knowledge. In my view, a minority report would be better.

By the way, I think Roberts Rules allows for minority reports.

If your handbook says that committees are to operate by RR (whether they really do or not doesn't matter), then you might have an out (but please check to see if my claim is true).


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