Mischevious Twins

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     I have the Weasley twins in my class this semester. I have been warned by other faculty members that they like to tag team coming to class, and will exploit the fact that they are identical in giving excuses since the teacher can't tell them apart. It's been two weeks and I cannot tell them apart, and they sound identical as well. I have been told that I am lucky since I have both of them in the same lab section, so no delegation of one to the lab!
      So I'm looking to the wise Fora for tips on how to handle these two, or to tell them apart!  They do not sit together, but this almost makes me more jumpy that they have switched without me knowing.

Biopolitics. Do ask for thumb prints. Heheh..

I would start by asking their help to do something so you can always tell who's who. Like one always wears a hat and the other a flower in the hair, or they carry different colored backpacks, or frikkin' name tags if you have to. But make it a positive id for each (e.g., not hat versus no-hat, but red hat versus blue hat)

Well, wait. I don't understand the potential problem. If both twins are present, you mark both present. If only one is present then you ask, "Are you Ed or Ted?" and accept that answer...if Twin A is present but wants to lie and make you give credit to Twin B, well then that's only going to hurt Twin A.

What particular scenarios are you concerned about?

I saw a movie based on this premise once. It turns out that those twins would do anything for a higher grade. I mean anything.

Would they study?


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