Mischevious Twins

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Mythbuster, any updates?  I'm curious about this problem and if their handwriting is also similar.

A few years ago I had two students, both female but unrelated, whose handwriting was nearly identical.  They even used the same paper and pen for a written assignment.  I thought for sure there was cheating.

Good news- one of them decided to grow a goatee! It's honestly not the greatest look, but until they decide to shave I can tell them apart. We have an exam this week, so I'll let you know about the handwriting.

Now at least you know who's the Evil Twin, or at least, the Twin from the Alternate Universe!

I knew I had two brothers in one of my classes, and then I found out that they are twins--actually, two of three triplets.  Fortunately, they are fraternal, so I can tell them apart, although I'm still not sure which name goes with which student.  Too bad the third triplet isn't in the class--as she's female and I could probably remember which one she is.


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