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 on: Today at 03:45:20 pm 
Started by mountainguy - Last post by geoteo
Good point.  It's widely known that sexual differences are spread through contact with lesbian-raised produce.

 on: Today at 02:39:48 pm 
Started by voxprincipalis - Last post by fishprof
That was a joke.  A funny meme.  It wasn't a Position Paper, a Bill submitted to the legislature, or a manifesto.  It was a joke.

Y'all need to get a sense of humor, or at least balance.

(Tangent - Hey Grammarly , the Oxford comma isn't an error)

 on: Today at 02:31:50 pm 
Started by hibush - Last post by hibush
I want to commend medical professor Oral, who wrote the following to the university's athletic director about the school mascot:

"Herky’s angry faces convey an invitation to aggressivity and even violence [that] are not compatible with the verbal messages that we try to convey to and instill in our students and campus community."

It is a beautiful piece of satire. Was she was trolling the AD?

 on: Today at 02:31:44 pm 
Started by clean - Last post by tenured_feminist
As Rabelais said, "I have little, I owe much, the rest I leave to the poor."

My will and health care advance directives and POA are filed in my safebox at home and with my lawyer.  My bigger worry is long term care insurance.  Not even sure if I can get it at my age.

We recently were told that we really are too old -- in our late 60s and early 70s -- to make it worth the extraordinary expense at our age.   We also were told to tell our children to sign up for it not later than in their 50s, and preferably in their 40s, to cut the costs.

We just got on the boat about a year ago. I was somewhat annoyed that, despite the fact that I am both younger and in better health than Mr. T_F, he was substantially cheaper than me. My personal care doc is convinced that I'll go at around age 95 after being hit by a bus due to distraction.

 on: Today at 02:16:16 pm 
Started by mickeymantle - Last post by wahoo

They were legally prevented from organizing until just now.  That's a result of a ruling related to private institutions and grad student unions several years ago.

Considering how I got ripped off as a TA under the grad union rules at one point, I'm still against it.  The humanities TA's happily negotiated a cap on the top stipend earned because they were so concerned about the bottom that I ended up as a TA for essentially free because my research stipend put me at the top of the pay scale and yet we were required by the department to be a TA for two terms. 

Putting together all grad students who had different interests was a bad plan (don't get me started on the mandatory benefit contributions when I had much better benefits from my husband's job), just like putting together all part-time faculty who have differing interests.

Ah yes, the evil, lazy humanities sucking the life from the hard-working sciences.  I could relate my own experiences, Polly, of self-congratulatory computer science GAs who worked a lab while I designed and taught 2 university courses plus a community college course on the side to make ends meet; or the political science TA who never actually taught a class but who held "office hours" to "answer questions" from the professor's lecture and who reasoned our packages were equal because I had an office to myself (which I didn't, not at all).  I have become inclined to disbelieve the things Polly posts here because they are all so anti-union and self-serving...

 on: Today at 01:52:17 pm 
Started by prytania3 - Last post by paddington_bear
My main academic goal needs to be to not check to see if homework has been turned in online until I'm ready to grade them.  It's the first week! How are people already not doing work?

*print out stuff for meeting
*print/copy thing for class  1
*noon meeting
*get dog license

*mop floor
*class 1 prep

semester goals
finish revisions to NP by mid-Dec
finish WH by mid-Dec
read fun book on weekends

 on: Today at 01:13:37 pm 
Started by octoprof - Last post by kiana
We need an anxiety support group.  It has been bad this term.  I've been barely able to suck it up and go to class many times this term.

It hasn't been bad for a long time but then this whole year it's been kicking me.

 on: Today at 01:03:53 pm 
Started by kaysixteen - Last post by spork
A well-known Trump supporter:


 on: Today at 12:53:29 pm 
Started by atalanta - Last post by San_Joaquin
From a student in my class, in its entirety:

I am not in [college town] yet.  If you could highlight the most important of tomorrow lecture in an email to me, please do so.

Change the background colour of the lectures notes to yellow and email. Done!

Or send a one-word response: attendance.

 on: Today at 11:54:08 am 
Started by mountainguy - Last post by dr_alcott

I know some lesbian farmers.  They've been there for years, and nobody ever cared before.  This is just like that bathroom thing.

I hope they will at least clearly label all the produce that comes from the lesbian farms. Wouldn't want to catch anything.

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