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What does one do when you get an e-mail like this?

I am a student of yours who just wanted to let you know I literally get wet sometimes sitting in class watching you teach. You are not only an attractive older man but your extensive knowledge of biology and the passion you have for the subject makes you that much more sexy. I also enjoy the way you speak so properly and sometimes even poetic. I hope you don't think this is a joke because I am dead serious. I am writing this anonymously because I don't want to suck up to a professor that I currently have and more importantly I don't want to get kicked out of school, haha. But anyway, you are hot. And I masturbated to the thought of you when I woke up this morning.
Never fear, I will never approach you in class about this, or anywhere for that matter, ever, I just figured someone should tell you that.... you still got it.

Enjoy your day! ;)

From, Your Secret Admirer. 

I* replied:

"Make sure you take good lecture notes."

I was, as the Brits say, "Gobsmacked."

Any thoughts?  Beyond the gobsmack-ery, should I send this on to my chair, with "comments"?
This might, of course, be a slightly delayed "April Fool's" thing,  but...

Juvenal (The Sexagenerian "Hottie"?)

*fat and not young

I love your reply.

I think Lohai0 had a similar problem last year, but her student didn't stay anonymous. If you knew who it was, would you report it?

What is a ``Mash```note?  That read more like a `mushy`note.

Did the sender create a new email account in order to remain anonymous?

Replying was a mistake. I would take this seriously and forward to the dept chair, to the Dean of Students to report highly inappropriate communication and possibly harassment if it continues, and report the sender's account to the email provider.

This is from a man.  Some guy in class having a stupid joke.  No woman would write "I get wet..."  That's the way men think women would think. Some frat guy is still laughing with his buddies about the stupid e-mail.


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