Best, worst or most ironic student evaluations

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Just got mine from last term and thought I'd add another.

"I liked dr dazed, but he needs to understand som of us r coming from community college"

Not sure what that was supposed to mean. University is too hard?

A student from last semester dinged me on her evaluation for not hanging around after class to answer questions. She wrote that it showed clearly that I didnít like the class and couldnít wait to get away from them. In fact, I informed students at the beginning of the semester that fifteen minutes after their class ended, my work as a tutor started in another building on campus and that Iíd be happy to schedule appointments at other times. She was the only student to make such a claim and also my first appointment at the tutoring center on two occasions.

"Nice prof, but bring a pillow" (not about me, but some I know).

Course:   The Historical Development of Basketweaving Theory

END of semester student evaluation comment:   I guess I'm just not sure what Basketweaving is.

"Dr. CMC is like Galadriel in Lord of the Rings. She is both beautiful and terrible."


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