What would you do? Students won't be able to hand in assignments

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Okay, I'm going to that online university that begins with A and ends with Y.  It's a 7.5 week course.  I hate this course and have let my instructor know it.  I'm doing the work.  I'm part of a virtual groups team -- BUMMER! and we all have different work scheds, duties, responsibilities etc. so we can't meet like we would like.

This weekend two of us will be out of town.  We won't be able to meet at all.  The assignment is due next Friday.  We normally discuss each assignment and responsibilities.

1) Would you tell the teacher you can't meet the deadline because of other commitments?
2)  Would you just be late with the assignment?

Give guidance.

Oh, and did I tell you I hate this class?

How does the syllabus address late assignments?

How important is the assignment toward your final grade. Could you just do virtual meetings and crank out a passable but not awesome assignment?

Here's the policy:
The AUO Late Work Policy is intended to encourage (1) completion of all assignments, (2) timely completion of all assignments, and (3) responsible notice when circumstances prevent timely completion of assignments.

If a student has an extenuating circumstance that prevents timely submission of an assignment (by the due date) and informs the instructor in advance, the instructor may (at the instructor’s discretion) waive late work penalties. If the instructor is informed after the submission date or is not informed at all, the following late penalties shall apply:

1. 10% will be deducted each day for the first five days after an assignment is due; at this point a maximum of 50% of the points remain available.

2. The last day to submit late assignments from Modules 1 – 5 is day 1 in Week 7; the last day to submit late assignments from Modules 6, 7 and 8 is the last day of class.

3. Late points are deducted before the assignment is evaluated and graded.

A late initial post on the discussion board in response to a discussion assignment is subject to the above late work penalty. Participation with peers on the discussion board must occur during the scheduled week; zero points are available for late participation on the discussion board.

Should I get a consensus from my other partners, to let them know we will be late because we can't get together between now and next Friday?

One of our members is always running late and she has never met with the other two.  I just don't like being in this virtual groups setup.

What would you tell a student in your class to do?


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