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I am new to the forum & dont know if i am posting this thread in a Rite place , Sorry
I need help! Plz some 1 help me

I am International student & i came to US for major is mechanical engineering & At present i m studying in a community college

as i am studying in a community college , they dont allow more than 12 credits per semester & 1 semester is equal to 2 sessions , these 2 sessions are for 6 months ... i want to get my bachelors degree as soon as possible so i can get back to my country or may be i will get a job in my field ... as of my college rules its really slow for me ,because i need 63 credit to transfer into 4 year college for bachelors, i can get only 24 credits per year
as i heard community college takes 2 year to get associate degree ... so i would get associate degree in 3 years if i passed all classes in 1st attempts.

its really long time ,so i decided to get online courses that's why i m posting here ...

can some 1 plz explain me about online classes process,& i want to take online classes in other University or college , not in a college that i am attending now...

1. i heard that we can finish 1 subject per week with 5 or more credits ? is that true
2. if yes then how many credits can you take per month with online classes?
3. as i am already studying in a college so when i get 63 credits from online & from my college campus
then can i transfer them to other college together  for example  i got 40 credits from online classes & 23 from college 40+23= 63 credits & then i transfer it to 4 year college ? can it be done ?
4.i heard 1 subject costs like $200 for 1 week But in 1 week i can take final exam & pass the subject ? is that really fast ? true ?

plz help me with these questions ?
i've alot questions to ask but i cant remember ,when i go to college i get alot of questions appear in my mind , i am really tensed
i will ask more questions in this thread

i want u to tell me 1 more thing about online colleges , which colleges are good in New York state coz i live in new york ...

i am really sorry for my English :(
but i hope u guys understood what i said or asked ...

thank u

I am a bit confused by your questions, but I will try to help you.

It sounds like you are interested in finishing a Bachelor's degree quickly, and you think the community college seems too slow.

In general, "full-time" college is considered 12-15 credit hours per semester. On a traditional US schedule, each semester is about fifteen weeks: from Aug-Dec and then again from Jan-May. Whether online or on campus, 12-15 credit hours will actually take 40-50 hours per week when you count everything. So that is very much a full time job. With your struggles with the English language, I would recommend sticking with 12 credit hours per semester.

Summer courses are usually compressed or accelerated, so you would only take like 6-9 credit hours per summer if you are able.

So you are correct that for most students, it takes between 2-3 years to complete 63 credits.

No reputable, quality college will allow you to go much faster than this. While there are rare exceptions in certain programs, you cannot finish a 3-credit course in a week or even a month.

Costs vary dramatically depending on the school you choose, but public community colleges and almost always provide the best value IMO. If you are looking for a decent four-year school at a low price in New York, pretty much anything SUNY will work for you.

Stay away from online-only programs like ITT, U. of Phoenix, etc. These are for-profit schools with bad reputations. Community colleges and SUNY schools have lots of online classes available, although they don't usually have the same kind of slick marketing as the for-profit schools.

Quote from: adil112 on December 13, 2012, 11:02:05 pm

my major is mechanical engineering

What are you doing at a community college taking 12 credits a semester if your major is mechanical engineering and you want a BS degree in the shortest possible time?  Unfortunately, Zuzu_ underestimates the weekly time required because engineering is one of the most effort-intensive degrees that one can get.  All degrees make people study hard, but engineering is brutal.

A mechanical engineering degree from a good-enough program generally takes about 5 years at perhaps as little as 50 hours a week of classes and study.  Programs that only admit highly qualified people with solid mathematical backgrounds and force march them through 17 credits a semester (that's generally a 65-to-70 work week) have average completion times of closer to 4 years. 

60 credits for two years work is pretty typical because that's 15 credits a semester, which is low for an engineer.  A typical first year in mechanical engineering (this specific example is Purdue, but most places look similar) is:

Fall: Calc I, Chem I with lab, Intro to Engineering I, English I, Physics I with lab
Spring: Calc II, science elective, English II, Intro to Engineering II, Programming for Engineers

Freshman year is typically lighter than other years to let people get their feet wet (summer classes are strongly encouraged to make up for the light first year).  If you are at a community college that only allows 12 credits per semester, then you aren't in a place that is preparing engineers, even if they have a pre-engineering program.  The engineering way is to pour on the work and teach students to survive under a heavy load.

Because of that, no class you can take online in a couple weeks will count for any of the engineering credits.  You are also missing out on the group support that is vital to thriving in an engineering program.  Group work is highly valued in engineering education.  Hands-on building things is also highly valued in engineering.  Online is simply not a good option if you wish to become an engineer.  Transfer to an engineering school in the fall and start over with an engineering curriculum.  Be sure to be taking the math that will let you do so because Calc I is the absolute lowest math that an engineer should be taking in college.

polly_mer is right that my answers were more general about how college, online courses, and community colleges work. I don't know much specifically about engineering, and you would be wise to listen to her comments on this.

i think u guys r rite ... i made a decision about my major

after reading ur responses i m going to take classes only in campus ...

zuzu I got u ... I ask from 1 of my friend & he told me the same thing about credits and classes etc ...

& polly_mer as u said engineering is not that easy so i totally agree with that because i am taking some basic classes to prepare for hard subjects in future...
i talked to my dad about this & he said that dont worry about time, just work hard and get bachelors degree in better position ...

anyways thank u guys for reading my post & giving some time for me ... i really appreciate it.
God bless u both <3


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