what are your personal signs of burnout?

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I need a vacation.  I start my vacation time (a long-awaited 'staycation') on Thursday but have meetings booked until then.  Today, when I tried writing (and I did get a small amount done), I was both incredibly grumpy and feeling quite sad.  Given that I am excited about this particular project, this is a clear sign that my vacation sign cannot arrive soon enough.

What are your own personal 'time for a break' signs? Anyone else find themselves feeling a bit 'blue'?

Increased anxiety, tiredness, no motivation to do anything (even though like you, I am excited about my work), irritability, lack of patience for non-essential interactions with people. All these things make me realize I need a break, and taking a break can help me re-focus and get back into the right mindset to do my work to the best of my ability. Also, I suspect other people need a break from me when I'm like this, because I must be a b*tch to be around.

Headaches all the time, staying up too late and waking up exhausted, needing too much coffee to get up, too much drinking and eating in the evenings and indigestion at lunch.

Sleep deprivation.

Getting sick.


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