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Is this a mid career topic?  Guess I'll find out...

Anyone else in the process of applying for Full Professor? Or in the throes of learning to use Digital Measures effectively?  It should seem very handy, but it's just hard to gauge how much of the application I've completed since you only see the bare bones outline menu (until you run the report). 

I've set aside time to work on it each week, so I'm having flashbacks to the dissertation writing: where will I work most efficiently? home? office? coffee shop? bar? all of the above? how much junk food do I need to keep me going?  why do I need junk food? why do I hate writing so much? etc. etc.

Looking for commiseration, mostly. 

I can't comment on the promotion woes since I am currently 5th year on the tt. But I can share that everyone in my department loathes Digital Measures. I feel your pain.
I entered my data as you are doing....a few items at a time over several weeks.

Digital Measures was designed for administrators to vacuum up any extra time you might have at the office on any given day.

I'm going up for full, but thankfully we just need to submit our papers, presentations, grants, etc. in a standardized form, as well as a CV and research statement. But some of the other campuses in our university system use Digital Measures, so hopefully that infection remains contained.

DM is an attempt to make everyone conform to a certain box so administrators can tick us off their check list.    And for those of us who have more than 3 years of work before DM was made mandatory should not have to backload our cvs into the crappy system.  It's impossible to tell where things should go or how they'll appear when you put them in.
It's enough to keep me from trying for full.


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