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If you do not currently have my phone number, it is possible to look it up on the university website.  It is not, however, possible to do so without also finding out that I am in the Chemistry Department.

Please tell me why I keep getting calls and messages for departments, programs, and service areas that have nothing to do with chemistry.  I do not know or care about advertising during baseball games at the local high school.  This caller continues to call me even though I have actually given him the name and number of the correct person.  I do not know about the availability of tickets to the theater department's next play and am annoyed that the message actually admitted that the caller didn't think I was the correct person to talk to, but that it's somehow my job to find this information out and get back to him anyway.  And no, I don't know what the cafeteria is serving for lunch today.  Frankly, I don't think you should call them to ask this either, since they're probably all busy serving lunch.

Right now, I am wishing that we had the ability to customize our voicemail messages so that I could add "If you are calling to inquire about something that doesn't sound like something a chemistry professor would likely be in charge of, please hang up and try again."

/end rant

Dude, everything has to do with chemistry.

Quote from: prytania3 on March 08, 2013,  1:44:31 am

Dude, everything has to do with chemistry.

Indeed!  This is why I would choose my words carefully to say "something a chemistry professor would likely be in charge of."  I'm still not the person in charge of advertising and ticket sales.
But your point is well taken.  The next caller will get a 45 minutes discussion of how energy is stored and then used by the body during exercise, what chemicals are used in various types of makeup, or a complete run down of metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.  I understand now that the callers are not really looking for the answers to the questions they ask, but rather a deeper understanding of the science behind them.  It all makes sense now.

I so want you to do that.

I think this sounds like a brilliant idea.

It's like when my mother started trying to sell grassfed lamb to telemarketers.


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