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Who's going to run? Who's going to win, and who are you supporting?


I'm waiting for Mike Huckabee to enter in earnest.  The guy is someone to watch.  I saw him on CSPAN a year or so ago, and he's got charm, he talks in a reasonable way that draws people in, and he makes no secret of his far-right/religious stances but you still get "sit and have a reasonable, intelligent, respectful conversation" out of his speech.  Plus he's got the weight-loss story, lots of energy, vitality, air of guy who gets things done and knows what trouble is.

I don't know that he can really get any traction in this race, but I doubt governor is his last stop.  Something tells me he'll be the far right's best friend since Ralph Reed.  Put him and Rudy in a room, and I bet it's going to be some of the best political conversation/debate we've seen in a while.

The Dem field is not looking so good to me. 

Who's going to run?  Everybody but the kitchen sink.  Nominee on the Dem's side - Hillary & Edwards as veep, on the Pub's side - Huckabee as my long shot prediction with Romney as veep.  Everyone else is worrisome to the conservative base, it seems and it just seems Arkansas is on a roll as a presidential breeding ground.

Who's going to win?  Certainly not the majority of the voters if past elections are any clue.

Who are you supporting?  Any one who will no longer embarrass us around the world.  I will have to study them all much closer for a while but I am leaning towards Hillary or Edwards with Obama in the understudy role.

What will be Bill's title if Hillary wins?  Vice President (as in person in charge of vice).  Seriously, we could do away with the Vice President position all together. Veep's are either ceremonial (everyone up to the present) or too scary, powerful (Cheney) and not very good in the ceremonial tasks (remember him in the parka at a head of state funeral).  Just call the position - the spare - like the Brit's do.  

Huckabee/Romney?  Jeez, that's a weird ticket.  But in a way I could see it.

Huckabee's exploratory committee has "I Like Mike" buttons.  I think that's just right.  I don't know that I want him to be President, but yeah, I like him too.

Huckabee is a great guy.  He follows in W's fine example of knowing about the world.
Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seYUbVa7L7w
(the bit about Mike Huckabee starts pretty soon into the video, so don't be scared by the 7:00 length)


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