I've decided to just give in to cheating

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Our Student Disciplinary Guidelines mention "sharing and copying" files as a cheating offense.  Well, as I was walking around the computer room, I cannot tell you how many students had their mobile phones  connected to our stations ...and I thought - oh boy, here we go....they're going to copy assignments amongst themselves.  I don't know how to operate in this digital age where students have the power to do assignments and send them to their peer.

All the students are doing the same computer skills assignments....and I've just decided to accept that students are going to copy/share and there's no way we can stop it. If they copy/share, sobeit.  It's not worth it.


Well, you could say, "Your phone is not part of this assignment. Disconnect it now and put it away." If a student objects (or pulls it out again), then you could say, "Please log out of your computer, collect your things, and leave." Thread after thread has been posted here about how to take or regain control of your classroom and how to get feedback and help to improve your teaching. You might look at some of those for ideas, and you might even ask what others do.

Or you could just write the assignment on the board, sit at the front of the class, and do the crossword puzzle. Your choice.

Or you could find a job in another field.  Teaching doesn't seem suited to you.

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I came here to write the same thing.
Or you could find a job in another field.  Teaching doesn't seem suited to you.


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