I hate classroom technology

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Yesterday, in my "dumb" classroom, the mic didn't work. Fortunately I had time to test it before class started. The AV boys, who are my saviors, brought me a new one.

Today, in my "smart" classroom, I lost about ten minutes to 1) no sound (turned out some fool had turned off the power to the volume on the console, which is different from the volume control button; and 2) the computer screen freezing when I clicked on a hyperlink in a PowerPoint slide (which was supposed to link me to YouTube and a music video). So I ran out of time and didn't get to play the last song and finish up our discussion of songs as primary sources for historians.

I am so sick of this crap. And I'm sick of those "edutainment" people blathering on about how we all need to adopt whatever new and exciting bell and whistle appears. I use technology in my f***ing classes. And about every second week, the technology fails. And now I have to carry over the music stuff to next week, when I'm supposed to be showing a film instead. Which probably won't work.

That is all. Commiseration is welcomed.

The 'best' one I've witnessed was a sound SNAFU that caused the speaker's voice from our room to be played through the speakers in the room downstairs. Apparently it took a few minutes for the people downstairs to figure out where the phantom voice was coming from.

I'm right there with you.  All semester there is one smart classroom that has foiled 80% of my attempts to use images and video in my classes.  It's a PITA because I spend time getting these images, which I could have better spent doing something else since I never got to show the darned images.  I got so fed up one day I had the students (luckily it's a small class) crowd around my laptop so they could see the images that would bring home to points I was trying to make in my humanities course.  Very annoying.

So...technology is supposed to make life easier and enrich learning.  Well, so far, this classroom is helping me to learn patience and how to troubleshoot, and not swear too loudly in front of students not exactly the original intent of the smart technology.

One room I teach in this semester has a voodoo curse on it, I swear.  The computer will take 20 minutes to log on, the internet is shoddy at best, the projector won't turn on without me shutting down the entire computer console, etc etc etc. In a lecture that depending on watching youtube videos to see some speeches, the Internet decided to really not work--for any website. Since it was a Friday and the campus is basically deserted (and my key works for all the rooms), I moved my students to the class next door where the Internet magically has a connection.

Room request petition has been repeatedly ignored, but we have our own back up plan now. Plus they think I'm some sort of rebel rule breaker for breaking into another class.

The Smartboard in my primary classroom that works for every other person in the building does not work for me.


I try several times a semester and it actively resists my touch.

The Smartboard has an insecure-avoidant attachment to me.


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