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Hi all -- I'm putting together an assignment on feminist blogs for an Intro. to Women's Studies course and I would love to know what sites you all would suggest.  I have about half-a-dozen on my list so far, which is plenty for the assignment, but I'm curious to know which blogs other people read, use for teaching, find interesting, provocative, annoying etc.  If you'd like to offer a comment about the ones you know about, that would be super.

I'll go ahead and post my own list when we've had a bit of discussion.  Thanks!

http://thefeministwire.com/ is an editorial collective, not a blog, per se, but it is fabulous.

That, and http://feministing.com/.

Quote from: ncaro on March 06, 2013,  1:05:12 pm

http://thefeministwire.com/ is an editorial collective, not a blog, per se, but it is fabulous.

That IS fabulous -- just perfect for this assignment, and a really cool resource.  Thanks!  And I've got feministing on my list -- also very cool.

This query came up recently (again) in H-Women, with lots of good suggestions, if you want to check its archive.

Twisty Faster, I Blame the Patriarchy! An amazing, funny writer, and an interesting radical feminist perspective. She might be nice to balance out more mainstream feminist voices.

(To give you a taste of her reception, when you type "twisty" into google, the suggestions it offers are: twisty faster is insane; twisty faster transphobia; and twisty faster men hate you.) (The last one is an oft-used category tag on her blog. She couldn't give less of a s*** whether men actually hate her. Personally, I would love to have a beer with her.  She's acerbic, funny, smart, and a wonderful writer.)

Oh! Jezebel might be interesting as a counter-example (in some ways.) The commentariat there is usually much smarter and more thoughtful than you find on the web in general, but it is a Gawker blog, and it is often problematic. It is a very mainstream, popular one that might resonate with younger women, though.


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