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Hello all, I'm looking for inputs regarding how to address the following situation. I take pop-quizzes in my classes and there is one due in the next class. There are no makeups allowed since I do not take attendance. One of my student (hu's studious and has scored A's so far) wrote to me saying that she'll be missing that day of class since she's going to go off for spring break and wanted to know if she would be "missing something" in class due to her absence. Since this is a pop-quiz and had already been planned before hand I cannot and do not want to reschedule it. I haven't replied to hu's message but is it fair to give her a "make up quiz" before the rest of the class although makeup pop-quizzes are not allowed as part of class policy? She's a good student but a) I want to be fair to all and b) don't want to set up a precedence where any student who is missing class can reschedule the pop quiz to their convenience. Should I just let her miss the pop-quiz and spare my time thinking about it?

Yes, let her miss it. Especially because it sounds like she's starting spring break early?

Why do A students get special consideration? She is not going to be in class therefore she cannot take the quiz. I fail to see the relevance of her current grade.

Why would a student email you to ask if they are missing something? Of course, they are missing something; class. The student is making a decision to not be in class on a specific date. You have to let them live with that decision.

If you find you don't like the consequences of your syllabus policies, then change them before you teach again. While I appreciate unannounced quizzes, I put a quiz window week in my syllabus, so students know if it will occur sometime that week. This helps me with disability accommodations, sports travel schedules, job interviews, medical appointments, etc. and ensures students are up-to-date by when I need them to be. Plus, it allows me to be up to a day off my predetermined schedule.

Alternatively, you can allow students to drop their one or two lowest pop quiz grades in order to account for this type of "life happens" issue.


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