video examples of logical fallacies

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Campaign ads are a treasure trove of logical fallacies.

Quote from: mountainguy on March 12, 2013,  7:47:05 pm

My logical fallacies lecture is coming up, so I figured I'd update my video list. These are the examples I currently use:

Other video examples are welcome. I'm especially looking for a good example of appeal to pity. (I tried finding one of those old Sally Struthers "feed the children" commercials, but the ones that come up in YouTube are not the overwrought ones).

Here's one my students would call 'development pornography'


I've accumulated quite a list. A few of these I got from the fora at some point, so thanks to those who've shared in the past.

Appeal to authority/Endorsement: Kobe Bryant endorses Sprite
Faulty Cause/Effect: Joey's Fridge (Friends). I also use some of the Direct TV ads onthefringe mentioned
Sentimentality/Appeal to Emotion: Chevy reunites Dad with car, which makes me tear up every time, plus any Superbowl commercial with the Budweiser Clydesdales. This is something you can update every year.
Appeal to tradition/appeal to antiquity: Chevy 100 years commercial
Bandwagon: Ford 150
False Dilemma: South Park and Uroclub
Ad Hominem (these are getting dated now I suppose--I hope someone can share some newer ones. Although Ned Lamont is a timeless classic)
McCain attacks Obama
Obama attacks McCain
Ned Lamont has a messy desk

Quote from: onthefringe on March 12, 2013,  7:57:48 pm

For appeal to pity, how about one of the Sarah MacLachlan ASPCA commercials ( Or this ASPCA commercial ( which features lots of sad and abused animals.

Yeah, one time, my kid was watching TV by himself, and we found him crying on the couch inconsolable. For the longest time he wouldn't tell us what was wrong. Eventually he admitted that it was this commercial. He as such a mess, it took him like a full day to get over it. I think he would have been 7-8 yo at the time.


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