What do you wish you never had to cover in class?

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This thread is inspired by larryc's comment on the "what to do about student feedback in a history class" thread:

Quote from: larryc on March 11, 2013, 11:08:14 pm

My job is to create future citizens who find history interesting, who use it as one of their tools for interpreting the world, and support historical research. And if I have to skip the Bank War to do so, that is not a problem.

The Bank Wars. Oy. This reminded me: if there's one thing I wish I never had to discuss in class, it's policy debates around currency. God help me if a student should ever ask me to explain Free Silver. I will be utterly and completely busted.

Okay, your turn. 'Fess up. What topic in your field do you really not quite understand? (Please, please, let me not be the only one . . . )

This is what pops to mind at the moment though I am sure that there are a couple of more things....

The South Sea Bubble.  I pray that they never ask me anything aside from what I said in lecture because if I didn't mention it in lecture then I don't know it.  Nothing to look at, nothing to see, keep on moving.....


*Galois Theory

*Anything with Homology or (I'll say it!) Lie Groups

*Why anyone cares about Cramer's Rule

*Finite Geometries

Fortunately, I don't have to teach the classes about the first two bullet points. I am glad to leave that to the professionals.

The Vietnam War.

The Fiona

I agree with The Fiona - Vietnam War.  It would require a bit of study for me to teach it. We have another professor who only wants to teach courses after WWII.  Lucky me!


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