One of my students is a ringer!

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I'm reasonably certain that one of my students has hired someone else to take my class for him.

We can look at students' photos through the registration system, so the first thing I noticed was that the guy in my class - let's call him Jake - looked nothing like his registration picture. Now, I am not the best at telling people apart, but usually this means people look more similar to me, not less similar. The registration photo guy (the Real Jake) has straight (faux-hawked) light-brown hair (including eyebrows and stubble). The in-class guy (Fake Jake?) has black curly hair, black eyebrows, and black stubble. Their faces also look completely dissimilar to me.

I talked to a trusted real professor in my department, and he suggested that I check IDs at today's exam (passing this off as standard procedure for our department). Out of about 30 students, two did not have IDs with them - one of them was Fake Jake. I said, "That's fine, just bring it in on Tuesday."

While they were taking their exams, I snapped a photo of him with my phone. (Yes, that feels a little shady.) Upon closer examination, the two photos still look nothing alike.

I considered that this guy's registration photo may simply be the wrong photo somehow, like maybe there was a mixup. There is a guy on FB who goes to my school, has the same name as my student, and looks like the registration photo, and nothing like the guy in my class. So unless there are two guys at my school with this name, and somehow their registration photos got mixed up, and then just coincidentally this guy also didn't have his wallet with him in class....yeah. I think he's a ringer.

I'm going to talk to my trusted professor friend tomorrow and see what he makes of all this, but have you had a situation like this?

Wow - no, I've never seen that, Ptarmigan.  Keep us posted!

Chat with your chair immediately. If these two know they are busted, who knows what bullsh*t they are hatching right now.

Did you ask for student IDs, or any ID? Next time ask to see any photo ID he has with him.

Is there a student directory listing to see if there are two people with the same name attending the institution? 

I actually had two students with the same exact not run-of-the-mill name in two of my classes last year.  This is at a small college so I had a hard time keeping them straight, especially when they emailed me (emails are name based).

Aside from that, see what the trusted professor has to say.  And definitely check that ID.  Of course, he could simply get it from his 'friend', show it to you and dare you to claim it's not him in the picture.


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