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Author Topic: Computer Science elimination attempt at University of Florida  (Read 9973 times)
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« on: May 03, 2012, 8:41:08 pm »

Unless I'm completely missing it, there has been no discussion of University of Florida's attempt to decimate Computer Science by forcing many fo the faculty to teach full time, eliminate all GTAs, and prohibit research.  The dean's decision was fairly quickly rescinded after universal outcry from within and outside of UFl.  The process is pretty shocking, particularly given the email exchanges between an associate dean in a competing department and the current dean, if these are genuine.

I'm surprised to find nothing about this here.  I hope this dean is on a rapid trajectory to the end of their career.  How on earth would they think they could pull such a radical stunt without engaging the faculty first?

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This happened at U. Cincinnati a few years back, apparently following the same pattern.  It seems to be the case that once a Computer Engineering program is established on a campus, if an engineer is dean of the college housing both then the next step is to try to wipe out the older field. - DvF

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