End user development of information systems


I am now teaching "End user development of information systems" to the undergraduate students. I always feel it's difficult to find a good book for this course. Could anybody here give me some suggestions about the book and the teaching of this course?

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I took a course like this as an elective for my doctorate, which focused on Internet system development. I don't remember the text, which was pretty theoretical and not very helpful, but one of the things that was very helpful was a functioning site that could be used as a model. In our case, it was a pizza-ordering service. We had to determine the processes (user information, order entry, order total, credit-card info., delivery info.), and how that translated into data base entries. There was a combo of Java and VB script.

It sounds from your name that you are Asian. My instructor was also Asian, and if English is a second language, I would expressly build in time to make sure that you are speaking slowly and being understood. Also write key words on the blackboard as you are talking, or use a Power Point presentation that can be referred to. My instuctor was dynamic and had a lot of enthusiasm for his subject, but unfortunately, I did not understand him most of the time. Good luck.

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would like to propose an external link to the following End-User Development Discussion Forum, which is now listed on the EUSES Resource page. This is an open forum for discussion of end-user development ideas, papers, strategies, tools, etc.

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