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I am a young scientist (7 years after PhD) working at a basic science research institute.  For context: I am in a non-tenure track research leader position where I have supervised two students, each of which have had 5 publications from their dissertation work.  Overall, I have lead research on 12 published peer-review studies in the past two years alone.  I also have submitted applications for over 40 million dollars in grant money, at least 2 of which (8 million total) are now in the second round of evaluation.

I am also organizing an international research school for 60 students from across the globe. Recently, I encountered some administrative roadblocks that required assistance from our director, but he told me he had no time to assist me.  He has also given me no research support (financial or otherwise) from the department although I have asked for it, meanwhile others in the department receive support this way (i.e. students from the research school, departmental slush funds, etc). When I confronted him on this, he informed me that my research does not interest him.

Do you have any advice on how I can deal with this?  I would like to stay, as my research fits very well in the department, and I have collaborated and published with most of the other research leaders. I am very productive here despite the lack of support, and am one of the top researchers in terms of funding applications and number of publications. However, the lack of support is starting to inhibit my ability to do my job. Unfortunately, there is no real option to go above him, as he is the managing director of the institute.

Thanks for any advice!

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