hee hee hee! Overheard on campus

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Overheard cellphone conversation on a blustery 68 degree September day.

"Girl, we ain't going out. I gonna stay in the dorms tonight. It's too damn cold. We can't go out."

I teach in Central New York, an area that will get snowfall measured in feet and will get a wee bit colder, especially when the wind whips between the buildings.

I smiled knowlingly.

I used to teach at a school that had very short, condensed semesters--same number of contact hours, but just over a few weeks.  One evening I was walking out of the building and overheard one student say to another:

"Yeah, it's intense and can be difficult to get all your work done, but I like it becuase just when your really sick of it, it's over."

I wanted to chime in:  Yes! Yes!!

A few years back, I was walking down the hall and overheard this little snippet of conversation. (I wanted to stay and hear more, but there was no way to do so without actually looking like I was trying to overhear.)

"Well, at least you didn't take Greek just because you're in a sorority and know the alphabet."

Cell phone conversation. Things said by person I overheard:



"Ah dunno."



Why? Why was this conversation necessary?


Not overheard, but a conversation I had with a student who was looking for her TA. the student did not know the TA's name, and was trying to describe her.

Her English isn't too good. I think she's Norwegian.
(the TA was from New Zealand).


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