Database: Explore All of Mellon's Grants Since 2000

June 29, 2014

Over 13 years the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded $2.9-billion in grants, more than 40 percent of which supported projects in higher education. Use The Chronicle's interactive grants database to explore how Mellon’s priorities have changed over the years. (See a related article and a profile of Earl Lewis, the foundation's new president.)

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Chronicle analysis of Mellon grants made from 2000 to 2012. Original grants reports dating to 1969 can be found on the Mellon Foundation's website. Before 2010 the grant category "Scholarly Communications and Information Technology" was referred to as "Libraries and Scholarly Communication." Similarly, the grant category "Art History, Conservation, and Museums" was referred to as "Museum and Art Conservation" before 2011. For the purposes of this analysis, both grant categories are presented using their current classifications.