December 4, 2015

Volume 62, Issue 14

The Chronicle Review

In an era of one-stop thinking and instant commenting, we've lost the slow work of reflection.


So much of their work is dedicated to insisting that they even exist.

The places where intellectuals used to thrive have disappeared, but a new one has arisen.


As the audience for academics shrinks, playwrights and comedians have moved to the fore.


The recordings of Bernie Krause, a pioneer in the relatively new field of soundscape ecology, tell a rich story of natural history.

The surveillance state needn't reveal us. The vast digital hydra has seduced us into revealing ourselves.

Historians want back in to presidential studies.

Steve Jobs sought to be one with the universe. The catch? He was his universe.

Descriptions of the latest scholarly books, divided by category.

Keep Woodrow Wilson and John C. Calhoun on campus.