March 18, 2016

Volume 62, Issue 27

Top News

Upset by the "vanquished" tenure system in Wisconsin, the outspoken professor is leaving for Temple University. She’ll take her activist scholarship on college affordability with her.


Recruiting multiple scholars at one time can bolster interdisciplinary work and an institution’s profile. But be sure to consult faculty members each step of the way.

The Chronicle Review

Academic culture restricts the free thinking that the modern condition demands.

Also In the Issue

Jim Vander Putten sought to expose the dissemination of bad research, but his own university says he committed misconduct. His unusual case highlights questions about institutional review boards and the judgments they make.

Darrell Bazzell will move from overseeing finance at Wisconsin’s flagship to a similar role in Texas.

Sexual harassment in the sciences hits social media, Melissa Click says she's a scapegoat, and more.

Stress was highest among married women and single men in academe, a survey found.

Conventional wisdom says the billionaire’s support comes mostly from the poorly educated. But the scholars who intend to vote for him say they shouldn’t be discounted.

The new SAT faces an age-old problem: How to prevent cheating while offering students, parents, and the curious an understanding of how the test works.

Researchers with the American Council on Education analyzed more than 500 anonymous responses from chief executives at two- and four-year colleges.

A university task force called out the prestigious "final clubs" for fostering a culture of "sexual entitlement." Harvard isn’t the first institution to grapple with the challenges posed by such groups, which wield outsize influence on campuses but operate with little oversight.

Beverlee J. McClure criticized the Higher Learning Commission’s decision to place the Colorado university on probation, following a Chronicle report on the institution’s distance-education offerings.

A team of students got access to the Missouri protest group before it made national news. Their documentary premiered on Saturday, with Spike Lee in the audience.

A researcher examines how white faculty members can play a bigger role helping minority students and younger academics succeed.

Under fire from critics, PLOS ONE retracted the article and promised a "deep dive" into its article-approval process. But some say it may have overreacted.

State lawmakers have asked the university system to explore a plan requiring those students to earn two-year degrees before enrolling. Here’s what campus officials and higher-ed experts say about it.

The Higher Learning Commission said it did not allow "for the separate school-corporation and service-corporation model." The university harshly criticized the decision but said it would not question the outcome.

Many were surprised that the legendary musician chose to leave his material in a state that does not figure prominently in his past. But the deal was more than a year in the making.

Two new papers argue that fears about the replicability of scientific research might be overstated. They won’t close the book on the matter, though.

Most accreditors have connections to institutions similar to the ones they oversee. Here’s how those connections play out in the for-profit sector, where regulators have come under intense scrutiny.


Common-reading programs for freshmen too often aim for the lowest common denominator.

We shouldn’t wink at obnoxious behavior among our colleagues in the name of academic freedom.