April 1, 2016

Volume 62, Issue 29

Top News

What one cohort of black female Ph.D.s in philosophy says about the challenges facing academe as it tries to be more inclusive.


With no standard definition of what makes an honors college, efforts range from thriving scholarly communities to underfunded programs with few real offerings.

Alice Brown spent more than two decades championing small liberal-arts institutions. Today she argues that some of them should close.

The Chronicle Review

Nascent terrorists seem to be drawn to engineering. Their education may further radicalize them.

Also In the Issue

In the first week of spring, campus controversies blossomed: What’s the best way to contextualize Confederate statues? Prevent anti-Semitism? Balance freedom of religion with a government goal?

Mary Papazian is giving up a presidency in the East to lead San Jose State University, in her home state of California.

A creative-writing professor is attracted to a book that upends the traditional workshop setting.

In light of the problems caused by alcohol abuse, colleges began to question their traditional attitude of benign neglect. 

Wei-Hock (Willie) Soon traded on connections to Harvard and the Smithsonian while failing to disclose that energy companies had supported his research on global warming. The institutions say there’s only so much they can do to keep it from happening again.

Superstar biologists have grabbed headlines by putting their work directly online. For the rank and file, though, the system still runs on peer review.

Kevin G. McDonald, who was hired on Wednesday, says he will bring an aptitude for building consensus and resolving conflict to the challenges that the university system faces.

The court's conservatives asked whether the government could do more to accommodate objections by religious colleges and others. The liberal justices suggested those groups are making excessive demands.

In a new report, the American Association of University Professors argues that current efforts to fight sexual harassment and assault on campuses are trampling faculty rights and undermining broader equity goals.

No major funding, no chance at becoming a full professor, right? Now that there’s less federal money to go around, that’s no longer the case.

Many universities have pledged to put Confederate monuments in historical context. For those charged with drafting the language, that proves difficult.

Andrew M. Cuomo, New York’s governor, has called for the state to shift $485 million of its contribution to the university system onto New York City. But the city has balked, leaving faculty members concerned.

Lenoir-Rhyne University’s president hailed a rally last week as a victory for free speech. Students and professors who protested see it differently.

Authors can benefit from having more data on how and where their work is being discussed, proponents say.

Should colleges be worried about this mammoth new education player? The Chronicle spoke with Michael Korcuska, LinkedIn’s vice president of management for learning, who says no.

Climate fiction, or cli-fi for short, is featured in more and more English-lit courses across the country. Here’s what it’s all about.

The community colleges are moving forward with plans to change how they are accredited but not necessarily their accreditor.

University officials expected the numbers to fall for a variety of reasons. But with the threat of big budget cuts, they're scrambling to convince prospective students that the campus is a safe and welcoming space.

With the University of Wisconsin's board expected to vote soon on new  tenure policies, Raymond W. Cross, the system's president, describes the challenges he faces in both reassuring professors and making lawmakers more supportive of higher education.


The visa difficulties of a British expert in tropical parasitology show that American policy makers must find a way for scientists to travel to the United States as freely as they do elsewhere.

People who fear the prospect of legal, concealed weapons on campuses are being just as irrational as those who refuse to leave the house unarmed.

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