March 3, 2017

Volume 63, Issue 26

Top News

As an Indiana county tries to stay afloat in a 21st-century economy, local colleges prove to be an integral part of the future.


Elon University and other colleges experiment with ways to keep recent graduates engaged.

The Trends Report

Teaching students to separate fact from fiction has become a priority after an election in which false "news" played a large role.

Also In the Issue

Government officials moving into higher education include Janine Davidson, former under secretary of the U.S. Navy, who will lead Metropolitan State University of Denver, and John Kerry, the former U.S. secretary of state, who will join Yale.


Giving days, one-year reunions, postevent promotion, and more.

Cornell was also interested in learning whether the approach could reach alumni who had not donated before. The experiment has worked.

Along with professorships and scholarships, recent gifts have been devoted to sports facilities, study of the environment, and other causes.

The author of a new book on for-profit higher education says the industry takes advantage of the slack in the labor market.

Many college leaders are more than willing to see the Liberty University president champion deregulation. But fewer are eager to be associated with his political views.

Researchers’ anxiety was evident at the AAAS meeting in Boston over the weekend. They want to push back against attacks on science, but don’t want to be seen as just another political interest group.

Strong foes of the Education Department’s recent handling of Title IX and race-based discrimination are seen as the Trump administration’s top candidates for assistant secretary for civil rights.

Many of the new secretary’s critics have worried about what she might do, but most education secretaries have left a limited mark on higher education. Here’s why.


Two veteran college leaders share their lessons learned, including how to deal with becoming "the man" you’ve spent your whole life fighting against.

The disastrous endowment performance was widespread, but it left a handful of elite institutions with most of their wealth intact.

It’s not a good sign when the search committee is more interested in snapping food pics than in chatting with you.