March 17, 2017

Volume 63, Issue 28

Top News

Experiential-learning opportunities help students apply the classroom to the real world, but many of them don't get the chance.


A team-based approach to initial reviews of applications can often save time and may allow for better evaluations.

The Chronicle Review

Colleges are its most crucial defenders. They don’t have time to wallow in self-pity.

Also In the Issue

Wright State University appointed its first female president, and the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth named its first African-American leader.


Kwabena Boahen’s work is playing a huge role in bringing neuromorphic computing toward reality. In doing so, colleagues say, he’s demonstrated the importance of welcoming researchers from abroad.

Despite careful preparations and lots of listening beforehand, the event with Charles A. Murray still ended in an ugly fashion.

Students and scholars affected by the president’s new executive order say they feel as if they already face heightened screening in order to come to the United States. Here’s why.

While the new executive order provides some reassurance to students and scholars already on campus that they can travel freely, it offers little guidance to those seeking to enroll this coming fall.

Young people who haven’t secured temporary protection from deportation are finding themselves in an especially precarious position.


You might assume that your presidential-search firm is doing all the appropriate background checks. You might be wrong.

No, this is not an argument for women to act more like men in the hiring process.