July 7, 2017

Volume 63, Issue 40

Top News

In the internet age, librarians are focusing less on books and more on teaching. Is something getting lost in the transition?


Trinity College, in Connecticut, had no warning that it would suddenly become a focus for threats. But it had a plan for quickly convening campus officials to assess and respond to the situation.

The Chronicle Review

Can Jonathan Haidt calm the culture wars?

Also In the Issue

A mentoring program at the University of Texas at Austin is part of a small but growing effort to get more Latino men into and through college.

The Trump administration is responding to their frustrations about guidance on how to deal with sexual assaults, campus legal officials say.

The U.S. Supreme Court says students from six Muslim-majority countries can enter the United States. But prospective students still could be affected.

After the president’s election, speculation abounded that colleges might scale back their efforts to combat sexual violence. Instead, many Title IX coordinators are trying to chart a new path forward.

The consolidation of 14 public colleges has produced some benefits, but not a windfall in savings.


At least a few colleges are looking beyond incremental steps to reach new students, raise the bottom line, and rethink the role of higher education.

It’s not right to punish students who really want to attend your college by making them pay more.

Now a tenure-track professor, David Hernández found the road to his education littered with roadblocks. Colleges could ease the journey for the working poor.