September 29, 2017

Volume 64, Issue 05

Top News

How systems thinking can prepare students for a complex world.


Why some colleges skip hiring consultants and a national search to focus on internal candidates.

The Chronicle Review

They distract us from colleges’ systemic failures.

Also In the Issue

Improving how colleges find new presidents is a perennial concern. Here are the key points from some articles and reports on the topic.

Meaningful collaboration is hard to achieve, a dean observes, but it can be an effective route to change.

Peggy F. Bradford is the new president of Shawnee Community College, and Jamel Santa Cruze Wright, interim president of Eureka College, has been named permanently to the post.

Bethel College in Indiana prefers to rely on standard best practices and spiritual guidance in finding its leaders.

Grounded in facts and reason, scientists could solve the nation’s policy problems, says Shaughnessy Naughton. Her advocacy group 314 Action is trying to get them in the game.

An $8-million gift to a community college to help construct a new building is among the recent gifts.

A new program at the City College of New York will teach activism with a nuanced approach to politics.

Medievalists have been wrestling with their field’s connection to white supremacists. Now, one of their own has sharply challenged their fears, revealing a struggle to define the discipline’s future.

The shift at the huge public-university system casts new attention on questions about how colleges decide who’s ready for college-level work.

James Ryan, dean of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and a former law professor at UVa, will lead an institution that has gone from crisis to crisis.

Can universities preserve both free speech on campus and the safety of speakers, audiences, and protesters? The answer involves myriad practical decisions, which campus leaders are making now.

A Native American group argues that a plot of land owned by the university is theirs by ancestral right. Scholars of indigenous studies at Brown cast doubt on the claim.


A project that brings together students from a military academy and a liberal-arts college is a step toward building a strong democracy.

If you are running a search without a consultant — and sometimes you should — do it under the right conditions.