October 13, 2017

Volume 64, Issue 07

Top News

All along they wanted the same thing: to leave home, decorate a dorm-room wall, and shape a new life. Find out how two Texas students weathered an uncertain summer.


Colleges especially like the problem-solving skills it can provide. Here’s how to offer more opportunities on a tight budget.

The Chronicle Review

Publishing was invented to cure academe of patronage and patrimony. It’s failed.

Also In the Issue

Awards and research presentations are key to getting faculty members and students involved.

How a faculty mentor helped a student foster her passion for anthropology.

Castleton University has appointed its next president; winners of the 2017 Nobel Prizes have been named.

Bushra Dabbagh hoped to escape Syria to study biotechnology and entrepreneurship at Northeastern University. But President Trump’s travel ban may stop her from reaching her goal.

The benefits are obvious, but the barriers can be daunting. Here’s how to overcome them.

Of the 20 private nonprofit doctoral institutions with the highest average net prices, 10 have religious affiliations.

Some companies and education groups think so. A spate of attempts to assess job readiness offers a new challenge to the value of higher education.

The charges against former coaches provide a behind-the-scenes look at how assistants serve as key points of access to college players — and how checks on their power fall short.

The Justice Department is intervening in a case at Georgia Gwinnett College involving a student’s claim that he was prevented from religious proselytizing on campus.

A top administrator is optimistic that insurance and disaster-relief funds will cover repairs, but students worry that the one-two punch of hurricanes will keep them from finishing classes this semester.


The chief academic officer can generate crucial faculty commitment to the goal of helping students thrive and graduate.

There’s one big reason that academic historians turn up their noses at his popular documentaries: sour grapes.

What information should you gather before you set foot on the campus for an interview?