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2010 Rankings: Doctoral Programs in America

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2010 Rankings: Doctoral Programs in America

About 5,000 university doctoral programs, in 59 fields of study, have been ranked in terms of quality by the National Research Council. To see how a particular program fared, start by clicking in Column 1, "Choose a Broad Field," and proceed through the next two columns. You will then be able to explore 21 features of that program, such as the average annual number of publications per faculty member, or the percentage of students with financial support. You can then compare the program with others in the field. And you can see how the program ranks on the NRC scale based on criteria like those.


This interactive tool is based on rankings developed by the NRC. For a complete explanation of the methods the research council used, go to its site; registration may be required.

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Visit The National Academies Press for complete discipline-by-discipline data.


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