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Campuswide: What's Included?

Benefits at a Glance

  • Daily Web updates on the latest news in higher education.
  • The complete contents of the latest issue of The Chronicle, added to the Web site every Monday.
  • Searchable archives of back issues. Unlimited access to every news article and essay published by The Chronicle since 1989.
  • Unlimited, searchable access to every daily news story since May 1998.
  • Special Web pages featuring Chronicle news coverage on community colleges, teaching, publishing, money, information technology, government and politics, science, students, athletics, and campus events outside the United States.
  • The Almanac of Higher Education, an annual report from The Chronicle. Online access to every edition since 1995. View data, demographics, enrollment, staff salaries, tuition fees, test scores, and more state by state.
  • Data on faculty members, including salaries.
  • Data on administrators, including pay and benefits of presidents.
  • Financial data, including gifts and endowments.
  • General institutional data, including statistics on crime, graduation rates, and degrees conferred.
  • Data on scholarly research, including research-library holdings and government grants.
  • Student data, including characteristics, enrollment, financial aid, foreign students, and test scores.
  • Regular updates on current grant opportunities.
  • Listings of public and private grants awarded to colleges and universities since 1995.
  • Results, analysis, and special reporting from The Chronicle's Survey of Public Opinion.
  • Gender Equity in Sports: Search data from reports filed by colleges under the Equity in Athletic Disclosure Act.
  • Updates on billion-dollar campaigns at universities.
  • The Chronicle's Index of For-Profit Higher Education.
  • Monthly bond rating updates.
  • Several thousand of the best job opportunities in the academic world, updated daily.
  • Career advice and counseling, for beginners and experienced academics alike.
  • Employer profiles providing in-depth information for job candidates.
  • Essays and opinion articles from all issues of The Chronicle Review.
  • Participation in online discussions about issues and controversies featured in The Chronicle.
  • Licensing revenues and patent activity at universities from fiscal 1994 to present.
  • Listings of forthcoming events in higher education.
  • Summaries of books and journals.