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President and Editor in Chief
Michael G. Riley
Liz McMillen

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Managing Editor
Scott Smallwood
Editor (Visuals)
Ron Coddington
Deputy Managing Editor (Copy)
Heidi Landecker

The Chronicle Review

Evan Goldstein
Deputy Managing Editors
Alexander C. Kafka
Jennifer Ruark


Weekly Team

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Assistant Managing Editor
Sara Hebel
Senior Editors
Sara Lipka
Ian Wilhelm

Daily Team

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Assistant Managing Editor
Brock Read
Senior Reporters
Paul Basken
Kelly Field
Eric Kelderman
Steve Kolowich
Beckie Supiano
Staff Reporter
Sarah Brown
Breaking News Editor
Andy Thomason
Breaking News Reporters
Adam Harris
Chris Quintana
Fernanda Zamudio Suárez
Daily News Reporter
Nell Gluckman

Copy Desk

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Deputy Managing Editor
Heidi Landecker
Articles Editors
Andrew Mytelka
Don Troop
Senior Editors
Charles Huckabee
Mitch Gerber
Sarah Henderson


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Editorial Associate
Anais Strickland

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Senior Editor
Ruth Hammond

The Chronicle Review

Evan Goldstein
Deputy Managing Editors
Alexander C. Kafka
Jennifer Ruark
Senior Editor
Tom Bartlett
Senior Reporter
Marc Parry
Associate Editor
Elbert Ventura
Books Editor
Nina C. Ayoub
Staff Editor
David Wescott
National Correspondent
Peter Monaghan


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Jennifer Ruark
Senior Editor
Carolyn Mooney
Senior Editor (Almanac)
Ruth Hammond


Dianne Donovan
Assistant Editor (Commentary)
Eugene McCormack
Senior Editor (Careers)
Denise Magner
Assistant editor (Vitae)
Gabriela Montell


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Design; Web

Senior Art Director
Scott Seymour
Senior Production Manager
Jasmine Stewart
Art Director
Sue LaLumia
News Designer
Janeen Jones
Web Producer
Carmen Mendoza

Photography; Multimedia

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Photography; video Editor
Rose Engelland
Photography and Video Editor
Erica Lusk
Senior Multimedia Producer
Julia Schmalz

Data and Interactives

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Assistant Managing Editor of Data and Interactives
Joshua Hatch
Senior Interactive News Producer
Brian O'Leary
Data Editor
Tyler Davis
Database Reporters
Dan Bauman
Peter Olsen-Phillips
Data Developer
Ben Myers