Tearsheet Information

A tearsheet is the page from our publication containing your ad for proof of publication.  An electronic tearsheet (e-tearsheet) is a PDF file containing an exact image of the page on which your printed advertisement appeared.  E-tearsheets have been available since April 7, 2006.  If you are unsure if an e-tearsheet will fit your needs, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

You can access e-tearsheets online for print orders you have placed with The Chronicle since April 2006 if you are the original ad placer.  You can log in to the system here: http://etearsheets.chronicle.com. Please use the same login and password for job placement. Click on "E-Tearsheets help" to get more information about searching for your e-tearsheets.

If you experience difficulties with the e-tearsheets website, please contact the Accounting Department at 202-466-1006, then press 9 to speak to a representative.

For newsprint (paper) tearsheets, there is a $10 service fee for each tearsheet.  Please have the following information available to order the newsprint tearsheet:

•  Ad Order number or Invoice Number of the advertisement
•  Account number

If you do not have either of these, the following information is required to search for the advertisement:

•  Name of school/institution/company
•  Issue Date
•  Ad Title
•  Publication: The Chronicle of Higher Education and/or The Chronicle of Philanthropy

We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express.  Please have your tearsheet information and credit card ready when you call the Accounting Department at 202-466-1006, then press 9 to speak to a representative.

If you prefer to pay by check, please click here for a printable form to order a print tearsheet by mail.

Quantities are limited. If a newsprint tearsheet is no longer available, a certified copy may be requested for the same service fee of $5 each.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What should I do if I can’t find the tearsheet I want in the e-tearsheets website even after I log in and search?
Please contact the Accounting Department at 202-466-1006, then press 9 to speak to a representative or e-mail accounting@chronicle.com.

2) Should I print a copy of each e-tearsheet?
A tearsheet is evidence that your advertisement was published in The Chronicle. This evidence will be readily available to you online for five years so you may not need to print a copy. However, your institution may require that you print a copy for your files, for the accounting department, or to meet PERM requirements (see question 8 below).

3) Why is there a nominal fee for ordering a paper tearsheet?
We believe that the e-tearsheet system will satisfy the needs of most advertisers. For those advertisers who require a printed tearsheet, a $10 charge is imposed to help us recover the costs of finding and delivering a printed version.

4) What do you recommend if I experience difficulties printing the PDF of my e-tearsheet?
In the print setup for Acrobat Reader, click on the Advance button and check the box to “Print as Image.” Also, see the directions in “E-Tearsheets Help” when you are logged into the E-Tearsheets page.

5) The PDF is hard to read – what can I do about it?
The PDF is formatted to fit on a standard sheet of paper. The fonts must be compressed in order to portray the entire page. Smaller ads are best viewed on your computer.

6) How long will e-tearsheets be available online?
Starting with the first issue in April 2006, e-tearsheets will be accessible online for five years.

7) Don’t I need an original, printed tearsheet to meet immigration requirements?
There are no specific requirements to obtain and maintain original, printed tearsheets of your advertisements if you are petitioning an employee to be granted permanent resident status under the Permanent Labor Certification Process. While documentation may certainly be required under audit, copies of advertisements are acceptable as long as the advertisement contains all required information. A printout of the PDF file containing your tearsheet is sufficient to meet the documentation requirement. E-tearsheets are accessible online for five years.