Under Fire, These Professors Were Criticized by Their Colleges

This year has seen a rash of free-speech controversies involving faculty members. In many cases, their college or university criticized them. The Chronicle has been tracking such incidents. Here’s another example.


Scholars See Bad Omens in Pulled Sponsorship of ‘Julius Caesar’

The corporate response to a production of the play in which the assassinated ruler resembles President Trump has scholars thinking that studying the arts is more important than ever.


Subdued Reception for Controversial Scholar Shows Just How Fluky Free-Speech Flashpoints Can Be

Charles Murray’s talk three weeks ago at Middlebury College resulted in violence and roiled higher ed. What does it say that the reaction hasn’t reoccurred?


What Could Middlebury Have Done to Avoid a Free-Speech Fracas?

Despite careful preparations and lots of listening beforehand, the event with Charles A. Murray still ended in an ugly fashion.


A Scuffle and a Professor's Injury Make Middlebury a Free-Speech Flashpoint

“We failed to live up to our core values,” the college’s president said of the chaos that erupted during and after a lecture by Charles Murray, the polarizing political scientist best known for The Bell Curve.


Through Petitions, Professors Exercise a 'Special Duty to Speak Out'

Over the past year they've signed open letters on climate change, immigration, academic freedom, and college controversies. Do their efforts make any difference?


Why Is a University’s Top Lawyer Seeking an Outspoken Professor’s Emails?

A public-records request submitted by the general counsel at the University of Oregon is raising concerns about privacy and academic freedom.


Lawmakers in 2 States Propose Bills to Cut Tenure

The efforts have prompted academics to cry foul over assaults on academic freedom.


How One College Quelled Controversy Over a Koch-Financed Center

Western Carolina University faced a faculty rebellion over plans to use funds from the conservative Charles Koch Foundation to create a new research center on free enterprise. It found ways to render the gift agreement much easier for critics to swallow.


How the Salaita Incident Imperiled the Program That Tried to Hire Him

After revoking a job offer to Steven G. Salaita, in 2014, the University of Illinois’s flagship felt repercussions on a global scale. The dwindling fortunes of its American Indian-studies program show there were internal consequences, too.


Tenure Rights and the Rise of Title IX: a Looming Culture Clash

The controversy over sexual-harassment cases at Berkeley highlights the larger battle over faculty protections and the call for a swift conclusion of complaints.


How Christian Colleges Might Pick Their Battles More Wisely

The author of a new book on Christian colleges and academic freedom says the institutions could uphold their faith without unnecessary clashes with instructors.


Melissa Click’s Inbox

The 12 kinds of email a professor got after she became a national spectacle.


College Wrestles With Controversy Over Its Response to Professor’s Religious Views

A dispute at Wheaton College of Illinois that started with a Facebook post about Christianity and Islam could end in a professor’s dismissal. For other faculty members at the evangelical Christian institution, that raises troubling questions.

U. of Illinois Settles the Salaita Case, but Will That Help It Move On?

While the legal drama is over, academic boycotts remain in place.

Star Scholar Resigns From Northwestern, Saying It Doesn't Respect Academic Freedom

Alice Dreger, an author and professor of medical humanities, says a dean tried to censor portions of an essay in a journal she guest-edited.


Louisiana State’s Firing of Salty Professor Renews Worries About Faculty Rights

The university has drawn new scrutiny for dismissing a tenured instructor mainly for using obscene language and jokes around students.

U. of Kansas Takes Narrow View of Lecturer’s Privacy Rights in Records Dispute

In a court filing, the university argues that only higher-education institutions, and not their individual faculty members, have a right to academic freedom under the First Amendment.

Steven Salaita’s New (Temporary) Career: Public Speaker

Rejected by the University of Illinois for tweets critical of Israel, the scholar ponders his next move.


How Does an Academic Boycott of Israel Actually Work?

Resolutions on the issue often focus on symbolism more than specifics, as a recent flap over the American Studies Association's boycott demonstrates.


Texas University Faces Trial for Ousting Employee Who Defied Congressman

An appeals court has cleared the way for a former gallery director at Stephen F. Austin State University to sue administrators who ousted him after he refused involvement in a lawmaker’s event.


What’s Next in the Steven Salaita Dispute?

The Illinois board’s vote to reject the outspoken scholar marks not the end of the story but the beginning of the next chapter.


Pleas for Civility Meet Cynicism

Advocates of academic freedom see college leaders’ calls for lowering the temperature of campus debates as attacks on free speech.


Salaita to U. of Illinois: ‘Reinstate Me’ or Brace for Legal Fight

The jilted scholar says in an interview he wants the job that was offered him.


U. of Illinois Feels Backlash From Scholars Angered by Salaita Case

To protest the withdrawal of a job offer to the controversial professor, at least two speakers have canceled engagements.