Colleges Try to Ease Immigrant Students' Stress as Government Steps Up Deportations

Steps colleges are taking include offering additional counseling, providing legal-aid services, and creating spaces where students can share their frustrations and fears, or simply vent.


Leadership & Governance

The Alumni Colleges Aren’t Bragging About: Members of Trump’s Inner Circle

When, if ever, is it OK for an alma mater to speak out against one of its graduates?


Campus Conservatives Get a Lesson in Activism: When Professors Start Ranting, Start Filming

The Conservative Political Action Conference, which kicked off this week, included a workshop that gave students tips for capturing evidence that faculty members lean liberal.



Federal Panel Gives Controversial Community-College Accreditor a Clean Slate

Despite heated opposition, the committee that oversees accreditors recommended that the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges continue its status as a gatekeeper of federal student aid for 18 months.



In a Polarized Climate, Libertarian Students Look for Common Ground

Activists who recently gathered for the International Students for Liberty Conference spoke out about where they fit into the sharply partisan debates playing out on their campuses.



Jerry Falwell Jr. Has the President’s Ear. Should Higher Ed Speak With Him?

Many college leaders are more than willing to see the Liberty University president champion deregulation. But fewer are eager to be associated with his political views.


In Free-Tuition Proposal, Wisconsin Student Activists Seek to Keep the Pressure On

While the proposal to make tuition free for black students made headlines, University of Wisconsin at Madison students say they’re thinking strategically. And the university says it is making strides.



Behind Ugly Locker-Room Talk, Divisions of Class and Race

An ugly episode of locker-room talk at Amherst College exposes deeper divisions of class and race.



Professors Can Help Make a Project Fly

One way to obtain buy-in from wary faculty members is to highlight how a project would improve teaching and learning.



How to Make Strategic Big Bets

College leaders searching for transformative change must avoid letting ambition — or caution — imperil their institution.


Tips for Turning a Big Idea Into a Successful Strategic Initiative

Thousands of details and endless meetings are involved in any new program or construction project. But some principles can help keep a strategic initiative manageable.



For Some First-Generation Students, Fee Waivers Don’t Go Far Enough

Here’s the thinking behind a new student-led effort to help eliminate barriers to attending college.



Vocal Critic of Office for Civil Rights Is Likely to Lead It

Strong foes of the Education Department’s recent handling of Title IX and race-based discrimination are seen as the Trump administration’s top candidates for assistant secretary for civil rights.



How Much Power Does Betsy DeVos Really Hold to Shake Up Higher Ed?

Many of the new secretary’s critics have worried about what she might do, but most education secretaries have left a limited mark on higher education. Here’s why.



Undocumented Students’ Fears Escalate After a DACA Recipient’s Arrest

A Mexican immigrant who had been granted protections was detained and threatened with deportation. People like him say they’re growing tired of living in limbo.


Leadership & Governance

Closing Students’ Achievement Gaps at the National Level

Karen A. Stout, president of Achieving the Dream, says the organization has fostered a conversation around data-driven decision making, and helped improve student outcomes, at the more than 200 colleges it has worked with since 2004. But she says much more needs to be done.



What Reality TV Taught Trump, According to Professors Who Study It

Scholars of the genre say hosting The Apprentice taught President Trump about the power of spectacle and self-promotion.


Leadership & Governance

A System Throws Out Its Search for a New Leader. Now What?

In its search for a chancellor, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities passed on all three finalists for the job. Starting over offers challenges, but also a chance to get it right.



Trump’s Focus on Black Colleges May Seem Unexpected, but the Conversation Started Months Ago

HBCU leaders say the attention is welcome, but they are moving cautiously to ensure the focus is on helping students, not scoring political points.



U.S. Closure of Animal-Use Database Alarms Both Scientists and Protesters

Academics are among those who say the move reduces public accountability and unfairly suggests that researchers have something to hide.



Making Committee Service Count

Serving on faculty panels is often seen as a thankless task, but colleges can make it more rewarding by agreeing on goals and spreading the work fairly.



Who’s Doing What, and Who’s Getting What?

A higher-education researcher explains what some colleges are doing to remedy inequities in faculty service.