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A Sex-Assault Case Pits Privacy Against Transparency

Eli Capilouto, Kentucky’s president, stopped by The Chronicle's offices this week to talk about the case and the university’s broader efforts to create an environment where victims feel they can safely and confidentially report those crimes.



Resident Advisers at George Washington U. Attempt to Open a New Union Front

A proposed union at the university, which would be the first of its kind at a private institution, is caught up in a familiar debate over whether such employees should be considered students or workers.



A White Supremacist Incites a Crowd at Texas A&M

While Richard B. Spencer goaded a sometimes raucous audience in the student center, hundreds gathered at a unity event across the street to oppose his racist rhetoric.



What You Should Know About the Professor Who Has Trump’s Ear on the Economy

Peter Navarro, an economist in UC-Irvine’s business school, has positions on trade that few in his field share. But the president-elect is listening.



A Population in Flux Forces Colleges to Adapt

New projections of high-school graduates foresee a period of continued stagnation that threatens enrollments. In Pennsylvania, colleges are trying an array of strategies in response to those changes.


Will Higher Education Be ‘Trumped’ by State Lawmakers?

The president-elect has called for rolling back many of the college-related regulations enacted under President Obama. State lawmakers may feel compelled to follow or reject the new administration’s lead.



For Undocumented Students, Trump Adds New Risk to Study Abroad

Those traveling overseas are being advised to return before the president-elect takes office. If they don’t, they could be blocked from re-entering the United States.


Leadership & Governance

39 Private-College Leaders Earn More Than $1 Million

The Chronicle's annual analysis of executive compensation at the institutions finds that the average pay of their presidents in 2014 was $489,927.


Leadership & Governance

Video: Supporting Undocumented Students

David W. Oxtoby, president of Pomona College, recently spoke with The Chronicle about his advocacy on behalf of undocumented immigrant students and what advice he has for new college presidents.




How Colleges Are Responding to Demands That They Become ‘Sanctuary Campuses’

To protect undocumented immigrant students, a handful of colleges have declared themselves to be "sanctuary campuses." Others have avoided that term but have pledged support for such students, and have spelled out what they will do if immigration authorities come knocking.


Leadership & Governance

Video: Building a Network to Help First-Generation Students Succeed

Students from homes or high schools where few others have gone on to college don’t have peers they can turn to for advice when times get tough, explains Carl Strikwerda, president of Elizabethtown College, in Pennsylvania.



Blocked Overtime Rule Sows Uncertainty for Colleges

A federal judge’s injunction has forced institutions to either postpone pay increases and adjustments to hourly employment status or proceed as planned — even though the changes may be moot.



Why Most Secretaries of Education Haven’t Had a Higher-Ed Background

Betsy DeVos, President-elect Trump’s pick to head the Education Department, has no track record in higher education. But that’s hardly unusual over the post’s short history.


Leadership & Governance

Video: How One College Takes a ‘Customer-Centric’ Approach to Higher Education

Scott Pulsipher, the new president of Western Governors University, describes how the competency-based education provider builds relationships with students.



To Curb Sexual Assaults, Colleges Give Students Alternative Reporting Options

Many people agree that campus sexual assaults are severely underreported. So colleges are using a range of new methods to encourage more students to come forward.



White Supremacist Describes Goals of His 'Richard Spencer Danger Tour’ to Campuses

A founder of the alt-right believes motherhood is more important for women than careers, wants to see European-American student groups at colleges, and would deport the undocumented.



Republican Congress Is Likely to Alter Higher-Ed Policy

President-elect Donald J. Trump has shown relatively little interest in academe, and his pick for education secretary has focused on charter schools. That leaves opportunities for some familiar players in Washington.



When College Was a Public Good

Why has state support for higher education dwindled as enrollments have grown more diverse?


Finding the Path to Retirement

Colleges provide a roadmap to all of the stages of the academic career except for one: the end.



What Does Betsy DeVos Have in Mind for Higher Ed?

Donald Trump’s choice for education secretary has well-established views on elementary and secondary education, but virtually no track record on higher education. Friends and observers say her support for school choice may provide clues to her vision.



‘We Want to Show President Trump That We’re Not Afraid’

Hina Naveed, who came to the United States from Pakistan, says she’s troubled by the president-elect’s rhetoric. She and other undocumented students are rallying to save protections that could be rolled back.



The Aftermath of a ‘Trump’ Incident: Fear, Anger, and Resolve

The election of Donald Trump has heightened conflicts on campuses, but it has also thrown into public view discord that many say was there all along.



How to Talk About Higher Ed Around the Thanksgiving Table: a Brief Guide

On Thursday you may face some questions on topics that aren’t in your wheelhouse. Here are some tips on answering them.