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How College Recruiters Are Using Snapchat, the App That Half of High Schoolers Use

Potential applicants may not want to hear a rehearsed pitch from an admissions officer. But put them in touch with an actual student on Snapchat, and a different dynamic comes into play.

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How 3 Words Roiled an Education Conference

NACAC’s departing president says he didn’t understand why the phrase “all lives matter” might cause offense.

Admissions & Student Aid

Who’s Got the Time to Train​ ​​Admissions​ ​Officers?

For a profession that practitioners often just fall into, many colleges find it difficult to provide adequate training and continuing education to new hires.


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So Long, for Now: A Former Admissions Officer Looks Back

How one black alumnus of a majority white university tried to paint a positive but realistic picture for prospective students.


Admissions & Student Aid

The People Who Deliver Your Students

How the ever-escalating competition for applicants, revenue, and prestige affects the front line.


Admissions & Student Aid

A New Financial-Aid Timeline Could Reshape Admissions. Here’s How Colleges Are Preparing.

Some institutions have pushed to send admitted students earlier notifications of their aid — even if that means setting tuition earlier. Others are taking a wait-and-see approach.


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A Wider Lens on the ‘Match’ Between Students and Colleges

Many people worry that high-achieving, low-income students too often don’t attend top colleges. A new book explores the challenge of helping more students succeed at a broader range of institutions.


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The Patterns Behind Summer Melt, and What Colleges Are Doing to Stop It

A college student noticed a gap in the research on people who plan to attend college but don’t matriculate. So she set out to fill it.


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‘Coalition’ Leader Wants New Application to Serve the Underdog in Admissions

Annie Reznik, the first executive director of the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success, says the group aims to empower disadvantaged students.

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A New Approach to College Admissions

The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success is rolling out a new college-application platform that it says will help a diversity of students make their way through the college-admission process. Here's a look at how and why this controversial new approach was devised.

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The ‘Coalition’ Application Has Arrived

Nearly two years ago, a group of highly selective colleges riled critics when they announced plans for a shared application platform. Love it or hate it, it’s finally here.


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The Enrollment Manager as Bogeyman

In the eyes of their many critics, they are faceless, pragmatic technocrats with too much power. But it’s worth imagining what higher education would look like without enrollment managers playing a critical role.


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Behind the Shake-Up at Temple U.: A Merit Scholarship That Grew Too Fast

Though no administrators have taken the blame for the $22-million deficit that led to the president’s resignation, it’s clear that a financial-aid program had become too successful for its own good.


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As ‘Fisher’ Churned, Conversations About Campus Diversity Evolved

Shifts in economics and student demographics, along with resurgent activism, have altered the tenor of the discussion about affirmative action over the past eight years.

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Many Colleges Don’t Put Testing Requirements to the Test

If students are expected to take high-stakes exams, admissions offices should be working harder to understand what the tests actually predict, a report says.


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Common App’s New Leader Ponders College Access — and Holographic Video Interviews

Jenny Rickard, now at the University of Puget Sound, describes her vision for the nonprofit organization behind the widely used admissions-application platform.


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Top Choice

Santa Clara University goes to great lengths to evaluate — and win over — its most accomplished applicants.


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How the U. of Maine Attracted More Students From Out of State

This year, the university told students from six states they could pay the same tuition and fees charged by their in-state flagship university. That led to a boost in enrollment from those states.


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Are Colleges Too Obsessed With Smartness?

In a new book, UCLA’s Alexander Astin argues that we value students with top grades and scores to the detriment of everybody else.

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In Admission Decisions, the Deciders’ Own Backgrounds Play a Big Role

A new study raises questions about holistic admissions policies by finding that many applicants’ fates are determined by cutoff scores or the biases of those evaluating them.


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How a Huge University Promotes Its Small-College Appeal

Arizona State offers several small-campus environments in addition to the big one everyone knows about. But getting prospective students to understand that can be a challenge.


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Record-Breaking Numbers of Applicants? Don’t Gloat

Many colleges brag about rising numbers of applicants, even as they see a drop in students who enroll. Here’s what the numbers really mean.

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There's More Than Protests to Blame for Mizzou's Enrollment Woes

University officials expected the numbers to fall for a variety of reasons. But with the threat of big budget cuts, they're scrambling to convince prospective students that the campus is a safe and welcoming space.